Vote Tuesday, November 6th:

Don Rodgers and Georgia Cassidy for Point Pleasant Beach Council.

We’re asking for your vote on November 6th, because of our shared want for a better Point Beach. We love Point Pleasant Beach, as we know many of you do. However, we do not always like the direction we are going in.

We know what makes Point Beach great, and that’s people who live here. The “little guy”, the 4,500 of us here 365, we need an advocate for our well being and our quality of life. That means a safer, cleaner, smarter town that governs with visibility and makes decisions that do right by the community.

Your vote can bring new energy and new experience to our council. We will work to raise our standard of living, commit to our small business owners and modernize operations - so we can turn those savings into services. Most importantly, we’ll get out from behind the dais and get to work in the community. Volunteerism is what drives this community.

We urge you to get involved! We’ve got a lot of mail to send, hundreds of doors to knock, hundreds of calls to make, and one objective: to win in November! So, if you can give a little of your time or give a lot, it all makes a difference to our campaign.

Thank you for your consideration and remember to vote on November 6th!

With Gratitude,

Don Rodgers, 414 Broadway & Georgia Cassidy, 115 Arnold Avenue

Candidates for Point Pleasant Beach Council



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Put residents quality of life & safety first.

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Nurture our small business community.

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"Green" initiatives for fiscal responsibility.

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Restore balance to our governing body.



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