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Hi, we're Don Rodgers and Russ Kelly and we're asking for your vote this November!

We know that Point Pleasant Beach is a great town, but it could be even better. Last year, our ticket came within 3% of securing a seat on the council. If about 50 more of our neighbors had voted, we would have represented a different constituency with different objectives.

We’re humbled by the 1,446 votes cast in our favor. You believed in our message of ensuring a better quality of life for residents and offering a new point of view. We’ve decided to run again and work harder to earn your support. 

To those whose vote we have yet to earn, let’s talk about what's important to you so that we can be sure our priorities offer a better plan and better ideas that are Better for the Beach.

With Gratitude,
Don Rodgers, 414 Broadway & Russ Kelly, 813 W Laurel Ave
Candidates for Point Pleasant Beach Council



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